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Carroll County School District

The number of students enrolled in Carroll County School District is 924. There are 505 students enrolled in J. Z. George High School (grades 6th-12th) and 419 enrolled in Marshall Elementary School (grades PreK -5th). A total of 126 special education students are enrolled in the combined schools.  The percentage of females in the district' s schools is 48% and males is 52%.  Asian students make up less than 1%, black students make up 58%, Hispanic students make up less than 4%, and white students make up 37% of all students.  These numbers remain primarily the same from year to year. Marshall Elementary school employs 31 teachers members with one principal. JZ George High School employs 48 teachers with a principal and an assistant principal.

The Carroll County School District is located in a rural community that primarily relies on government assistance to individuals, farming, logging,forestry, etc.  Only one industrial plant is located in the county and as a result there are very limited resources.  The county is one of the largest in the state; therefore, busing of students is extensive and expensive for the school district.  

An active private school in Carrollton results in a low number of students attending the public schools.  

Carroll County is located on the edge of the Mississippi River Delta.  Carroll County has a population of approximately 10,385.  65.4% of the population is white and 33.3% of the population is black.  Hispanics make up 1.3% of the population.  

The Carroll County School District serves approximately 1,000 students whose families reside in the rural communities of Carrollton, North Carrollton, and Vaiden.  The Carroll County School District has a paid meal status of 8.55%, a reduced meal status of 7.68%, and a free meal status of 83.77%.