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  • Sixteenth Section Land

    Public Notice of Invitation to BID for commercial lease on sixteenth section land.

    See the attachment for more details. 

    Carroll County School District
  • Marshall Elementary School is Named the National Beta School of Distinction

    North Carrollton, MS May 2, 2022 – Carroll County School District is proud to announce that Marshall Elementary School is a 2021-2022 National Beta School of Distinction. The school earned this recognition by increasing its club’s membership by at least 10% from last year.

    Carroll County School District
  • Marshall Elementary Newly Remodeled Gym

    Check out the newly remodeled gym floor at Marshall Elementary. Here are the before and after photos. 

    Carroll County School District
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment for FY23

    The Comprehensive Needs Assessment for Carroll County Schools is currently open and we would like to request your input! Please use the link below to complete the survey and help us better prepare for the next school year!


    Comprehensive Needs Assessment for FY23

    Carroll County School District
  • UPDATED Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan **open for public comment**

    Please read the UPDATED Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan for CCSD. This plan is open for public comment until March 10, 2022. In order to comment or voice suggestions or concerns, please click the survey monkey link at the bottom of the plan. Thank you for your continued support of our schools!

    Carroll County School District
  • Jr High / JV Football Schedule

    Jr High / JV Football Schedule

    9/7 - Winona Away 5pm  

    9/20 - McAdams Away 5pm

    9/28 - Winona Home 5pm

    10/5 - Bruce Home 5pm

    10/12 - Eupora Away 5pm

    Carroll County School District

    Carroll County School District
  • COVID19 - Vaccination

    COVID19 - Vaccination Shots

    Make an appointment online at

    Wednesday, July 21 2021 - 9 am to 3pm JZ George High School Gym

    Thursday, July 22 2021 - 9 am to 3pm JZ George High School Gym

    Saturday, July 24 2021 - 9 am to Noon JZ George High School Gym

    Carroll County School District
  • Special Education and Federal Programs Parent Involvement Meeting

    Carroll County School District's Special Education and Federal Programs invite parents to join us in preparing for a successful year! Your input is needed on the FY22 Applications for Special Education and Federal Programs. Please stop by Tuesday, June 29, 2021, anytime between 1:00-4:00 p.m. at the Special Services Building (101 Williamson St. North Carrollton, MS to discuss the budgets with us.  See you then!

    Carroll County School District
  • Board Meeting Rescheduled

    The Board Meeting scheduled for tonight, June 10, 2021, at 5:30 p.m. has been rescheduled for Monday, June 14, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. in the JZ George Band Hall.

    Carroll County School District
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Online Registration for the 21-22 School Year

Please visit the links below for instructions on online registration and the residency verification returning students form.

 Residency Verification for Returning Students.doc  

Online Registration Process 21-22 School Year.doc 

Chromebook Use Agreement

Please read the Chromebook Use Agreement that has been School Board approved.

A form must be signed by the parent for the child to receive a Chromebook.

Please contact the school principal if you have any questions. 



Chromebook Property

The use of a school issued Chromebook is a privilege and all users with that privilege have no expectation of privacy in email, data on the Google Drive, network communications, Internet use, video recording, and all other technologies available on or through the Chromebook.

Chromebooks remain property of the Carroll County School District (CCSD) and all users understand that their use of the Chromebook can and may be strictly monitored electronically or otherwise by School District personnel at any time. Please refer to the Carroll County School District Acceptable Use Policy which is contained in the student handbook and was signed at enrollment by students and parents.

Chromebooks are being loaned to students.  This is not a 1:1 initiative.

Lost or Damaged Chromebooks

Lost Chromebooks are the responsibility of the student; loss is not covered by CCSD. Repair and replacement costs must be paid in full by the parent/student per incident.

Lost or Missing Chromebook

  • Parent/student pays $200 for the replacement cost of a Chromebook

Damages (screen, keyboard, trackpad, cover, etc)

  • Parent/student pays $50 for reparable damages

Lost Charger

  • Parent/student pays $20 for a replacement charger.

Chromebooks that are missing, broken, or fail to work properly must be brought to the school office and a form must be filled out for the damaged or lost Chromebook. Parents will be required to sign the form and pay replacement fees if needed. If another Chromebook is requested, one may be issued to the student once any fees mentioned herein are paid and approval of the parent and principal.

Chromebook Return

Student Chromebooks and chargers (if issued) will be collected at the end of each school year.

Any student who transfers out of CCSD is required to return his or her Chromebook and charger (if issued). If a student fails to return his or her Chromebook, the student/parent is responsible to pay for the replacement fees in order to receive a Chromebook for the next school year. The student’s high school diploma, transcripts, and reports cards will be held until they return their Chromebook or pay replacement fees.

 General Precautions

  • No food or drink is allowed next to your Chromebook while it is in use.
  • Cords, cables and removable storage devices must be inserted carefully into the
  • Never carry the Chromebook while the screen is open unless directed to do so by a
  • The Chromebook should be shut down when not in use to conserve battery life.
  • Never shove Chromebook into a locker or wedge into a book bag; this may break the
  • Do not expose your Chromebook to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Extreme heat or cold may cause damage to the device.
  • Always bring your Chromebook to room temperature prior to turning it on.

The protective shell of the Chromebook will only provide basic protection from everyday use. It is not designed to prevent damage from drops or abusive handling. Carrying the Chromebook in a padded backpack or padded case is acceptable provided the backpack or case is handled with care. For example, you shouldn’t toss the backpack or drop the backpack if your Chromebook is inside.

Screen Care

 The Chromebook screen can be damaged if subjected to rough treatment. The screens are particularly sensitive to damage from excessive pressure on the screen.

Do not lean on top of the Chromebook.

Do not place anything near the Chromebook that could put pressure on the screen. Do not place anything in your carrying case that will press against the cover.

Do not poke the screen.

Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid, e.g., pens, pencils, notebooks.

Clean the screen with a soft, dry anti-static or microfiber cloth. Do not use window cleaner or any type of liquid or water on the Chromebook. You can also purchase individually packaged pre-moistened eyeglass lens cleaning tissues to clean the screen. These are very convenient and relatively inexpensive.

Using Your Chromebook

At School:

 The Chromebook is intended for use at school upon teacher approval. Chromebooks must be brought to school each day in a fully charged condition. In addition to teacher expectations for Chromebook use, school messages, announcements, calendars, academic handbooks, student handbooks and schedules will be accessed using the Chromebook.

Students must be responsible for bringing their Chromebook to all classes unless specifically advised not to do so by their teacher.

At Home:

 Students may be required to take their Chromebook home throughout the school year.  Students should charge their Chromebook while at home.

If students leave their Chromebook at home, they may have to work with pencil and paper and transfer work to the Chromebook at home. Repeat violations of this policy will result in referral to administration and possible disciplinary action.

It is recommended that students not carry the AC Adapter power cord (charger) to school. If fully charged at home, the battery will last throughout the day.


Sound must be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes. Students may also be instructed to use earbuds or headphones.


 At school printing functionality will be available on a limited basis at school and subject to classroom requirements. Teaching strategies will facilitate digital copies of homework.

Managing Your Files and Saving Your Work

 Students should save all files and documents to their CCSD Google Drive. Saving to the Google Drive will allow students access to their files accessible from any computer with internet access logging in with their CCSD Google email account. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain the integrity of their files and keep proper backups if they are not using their Google Drive (such as saving directly on the Chromebook or to a different cloud storage account). Students will be trained on proper file management procedures.

Chromebook Identification

 Chromebooks will be labeled in the manner specified by the school.

Under no circumstances are students to modify, remove, or destroy identification labels.

If the Chromebook name identification label or asset tag is removed, they need to request new label from the school office. Students are asked NOT to personalize the Chromebook with stickers, ink, or other. Any student violating their Chromebook identification is subject to having their Chromebook use revoked.

Software on Chromebooks

Originally Installed Software:

 Chromebook application software is delivered electronically via the Chrome Web Store from CCSD’s Technology Department to the Chromebook application section. Students do not have access to install applications from the Chrome Web Store.

As requested by teachers and administration, the technology department will add software applications for particular courses and testing requirements

The software process will be automatic with virtually no impact on students. Students may need to restart their Chromebook for immediate use of the applications.

All Chromebooks are supplied with the latest update of Google Chrome Operating System (OS) and many other applications useful in an educational environment. The Chrome OS will automatically install updates when the computer is shut down and restarted.


Students may be selected at random to provide their Chromebook for inspection. The purpose for inspection will be to check for proper care and maintenance, as well as inappropriate material being carried into the school.

Restoring the Chrome OS

 In the case of a Google Chrome OS failure, CCSD’s Technology Department will restore the device to the factory default state in which the user originally received it. All files saved on the Google Drive and CCSD email account will remain intact. All other data (music, photos, documents) stored on internal memory that has NOT been synced on Google Drive or email will not be restored.

Storing Your Chromebook

 Students should know where his or her Chromebook is at all times. When students are not monitoring their Chromebook, they should be stored in their lockers with the lock securely fastened. Nothing should be placed on top of the Chromebook when stored in the locker. Students need to take their Chromebook home with them every night. The Chromebook is not to be stored in their lockers or anywhere else at school outside of school hours. The Chromebook should never be stored in a vehicle.

Chromebook Left in Unsupervised / Unsecured Areas:

 Under no circumstances should a Chromebook be stored in unsupervised areas. Unsupervised areas include the school grounds and campus, the cafeteria, unlocked classrooms, library, locker rooms, dressing rooms, hallways, bathrooms, extra-curricular bus, in a car or any other entity that is not securely locked or in which there is no supervision. Students must not loan their Chromebook out to other individuals at any time.

Chromebook Undergoing Repair

 If a Chromebook needs repair, a Chromebook damaged form must be filled out at the school office along with the damaged Chromebook. Screen repairs fees will be required, see page 1.

It is important that students keep their school data synced to the Google Drive Cloud to ensure documents and class projects will not be lost. Personal data that cannot be replaced should be kept at home on an external storage device.

Chromebook Technical Support

 Students need to report any technical issues with their Chromebook to the school office and fill out a technical maintenance form. The school secretary will report the issue to CCSD’s Technology Department for the services of the following types of technical related issues including, but not limited to:

Password Identification, user account support, coordination of warranty repair, hardware maintenance and repair, operating system or software configuration support, restoring Chromebook to factory default, and system software update.

Student/Parent Chromebook Use Agreement

 I/We student and parent read and discussed the Carroll County School District Chromebook Use Agreement

  1. I/We student and parent understand that we are financially responsible for damage to or loss of the Chromebook. (p. 1) Replacement Chromebooks =$200, Repairable Damages =$50, and Replacement Chargers =$20
  2. I/We student and parent understand that the student Chromebook remains the property of CCSD
  3. I/We student and parent will follow the CCSD Acceptable Use Policy while using the Chromebook
    • Student Responsibilities
  4. I will have my Chromebook at school fully charged every day.
  5. I will not remove my Chromebook name label or asset tag and I will not place decorations (such as stickers, markers, etc.) on my Chromebook.
  6. I will never loan my Chromebook to other individuals.
  7. I will follow the general precautions to protect my Chromebook such as keep food, beverages, and direct sunlight away from my Chromebook.
  8. I will handle my Chromebook with care, keeping the screen protected in my backpack or other padded case provided by CCSD.
  9. I will use my Chromebook in ways that are educational and appropriate upon my teacher’s and parent’s approval.

I agree to the Student/Parent Chromebook Use Agreement

 Student Name (Please Print):                                                                      Grade:                     Student Signature:                                                                                       Date:                         


Parent Name (Please Print):                                                                                                           Parent Signature:                                                                                          Date:                        



Office Use Only:

Chromebook Model                                          

Asset Tag                                                         

Staff Sign of Return                                       

Serial Number                                                      

Date Issued                                                          

Date Returned                                                    


The following link is the Carroll County School District 2021 Reopening Plan. Please read the plan carefully, write down any questions you may have, and call building administrators next week if needed. Please understand we are following MDE recommendations and CDC guidelines. The plan may be updated daily, weekly, or monthly as recommendations are made to the school district by MDE and the CDC. All plans are school board approved. 


USDA's NSLP Seamless Summer Option

Carroll County School District will be participating in USDA's NSLP Seamless Summer Option (SSO) for the 2021-2022 school year. This program, usually only available during the summer months, will continue to provide free meals to ALL students for the 2021-2022 school year. According to USDA, this option maintains the nutrition standards of NSLP and SBP meals, including emphasis on providing fruits and vegetables, milk, whole grains, and reasonable calorie levels. This option also provides flexibility for schools to continue to customize meal service design to adapt to student needs. 

Nutrition is a cornerstone of learning and CCSD is proud to participate in this program to ensure the nutritional needs of every child are met, enabling our students to attain their greatest potential. 


Lunch applications will be available upon request from the school cafeteria or my office at 101 Williamson St., N. Carrollton, in the Special Services Building. We do not need to process applications at this time, but are providing them upon request for parents who might need an application processed for P-EBT benefits for their children.


 This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


The Carroll County School Board, administrators, teachers, support staff, students, parents, and community are devoted to academic excellence and the cultivation of individual strengths and talents in a supportive environment where individual differences and respect for the rights of others guide school and community behavior.

Superintendent's Message

Welcome to the Carroll County School District where it is our vision that all of our students leave our schools prepared to be successful at the next level!  We are a school district striving to improve and offer our students more opportunities through academics, athletics, and extra-curricular activities.  We are currently working toward a one to one computer ratio in our district.  We are nowhere near our potential and we will work relentlessly until our potential is achieved. Once we reach our potential then we work to go above and beyond. The job market of the future will be highly competitive, and we must all work together to insure the students of Carroll County will be competitive in this market.  Our district consists of Marshall Elementary School, which houses our Kindergarten through 5th grade. We also began a partnership in our building with Head Start. This allows us to also host a 3- and a 4-year-old PreK class at Marshall Elementary.  JZ George is our middle school and high school. It houses the 6th grade through the 12th grade. Both of our schools are conveniently located in North Carrollton, MS and are less than a mile apart. We also have a central office, a special services office, and a technology building to support the students and citizens of Carroll County.  It is our goal to constantly and persistently work to improve our schools to better serve our students and ensure their future success. 

Section 504 Contacts

Marshall Elementary School
Ms. Tate, Principal
P.O. Box 130
North Carrollton, MS 38947
Phone: (662) 237- 6840

J. Z. George High School
Ms. Green, Principal
Mr. Moncrief, Assistant Principal
P.O. Box 398
North Carrollton, MS 38947
Phone: (662) 237- 4701


The Carroll County School District is in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1962, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of l973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act or other state or federal guidelines applicable to equal opportunity employment. The Carroll County

School District's policy assures that no one shall, on the grounds of race, color, age, religion, disability, national origin, or sex be subjected to discrimination in education or employment practices. We are committed to having the finest facilities available for our students.

The following is the contact information for all Carroll County Schools.


Mr. James Ray, Superintendent

Title IX Coordinator

Mrs. Sara Johnson

(662) 237-4444 Ext. 3