Our Superintendent

Joey Carpenter

Joey Carpenter


Carroll County School District



Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to the Carroll County School District!

Our school district desires an excellent educational environment that will pave the way for all students to succeed in life.  We want to work with Parents and students to ensure that all educational needs are met while attending our schools. 

We welcome community involvement in creating opportunities for our students.  We work together with a teamwork attitude and take pride in the family environment that we are working hard to create within the Carroll County School District.   

Excellence in attendance and academic performance are just a couple of the goals that we have set our sights on.  We have high expectations and the best is what we expect in the Carroll County School District.

Our academic programs are strong but in addition to these are strong athletic and extra-curricular programs.  We take pride in the development of the whole child and this is fulfilled by allowing students to explore their own interests and improve upon their talents. 

So let’s all join together, parents, students, and community in providing an opportunity here in the Carroll County School District where goals can be achieved and future leaders can be made.



Joey Carpenter